Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ron Paul - Obama of the Right

Vice Chair of Republican Liberty Caucus resigns in protest against Ron Paul. Calls Paul supporters "a cult" prone to bigotry and conspiracy theories.

Adam Holland

Aaron Biterman, Vice Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus, has resigned from that organization in protest of its support for the presidential candidacy of Ron Paul. Biterman also cited among his reasons for resigning a cult-like atmosphere, promotion of conspiracy theories and anti-Semitism among Ron Paul supporters. (Read here: Aaron Biterman Resigns from Republican Liberty Caucus)

According to the blog Sara for America, Biterman has indicated that he would no longer be associated with any group that supports Ron Paul.
Per his Facebook posts, the resignation comes as a result of his refusal to lead an organization that supports Ron Paul. But, not stopping there, Biterman, a libertarian, plans to continue his battle. He has formed a new group: Push Back Against the Ron Paul Cult, “A strategy and informational forum to fight back against Ron Paul’s misguided, anti-liberty supporters.”
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